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Boredom, at its finest. by ImaginationVirtuoso Boredom, at its finest. :iconimaginationvirtuoso:ImaginationVirtuoso 3 3
Keep Loving Me
Things get hard, but just remember
How we laughed and loved, last September
The month before was even better
And we
We cried and fought, but it's okay
Our bond grows stronger, every word you say
Just promise me it stays the same
And we
Kiss the clouds and hug the stars
We find out just who we are
We adventure near and far
Just please
Keep loving me
I know there are tears, but listen my dear
Things can only get better from here
It may not be our month but it will be our year
When we
We recognize the things at stake
We know; accept what is our fate
All the memories won't be in vain
When we
Soar through the sky and carress the sun
And with it's help, the dark we'll shun
I know in my heart, yes you're the one (so)
Just please
Keep loving me
Way up high
Our problems far behind
Fingers intertwined
As we break the sky
I ask you to be mine
We could stop time
If you please
Love me
:iconimaginationvirtuoso:ImaginationVirtuoso 1 15
Mature content
Revenge, Please :iconimaginationvirtuoso:ImaginationVirtuoso 3 33
Texture by ImaginationVirtuoso Texture :iconimaginationvirtuoso:ImaginationVirtuoso 3 0 Shroom Smile by ImaginationVirtuoso Shroom Smile :iconimaginationvirtuoso:ImaginationVirtuoso 1 12 Photographer Boy by ImaginationVirtuoso Photographer Boy :iconimaginationvirtuoso:ImaginationVirtuoso 0 8 Life by ImaginationVirtuoso Life :iconimaginationvirtuoso:ImaginationVirtuoso 4 8 A Splash of Red by ImaginationVirtuoso A Splash of Red :iconimaginationvirtuoso:ImaginationVirtuoso 5 2 Drizzled in Blood by ImaginationVirtuoso Drizzled in Blood :iconimaginationvirtuoso:ImaginationVirtuoso 3 6 Prickles by ImaginationVirtuoso Prickles :iconimaginationvirtuoso:ImaginationVirtuoso 1 4 Curls by ImaginationVirtuoso Curls :iconimaginationvirtuoso:ImaginationVirtuoso 2 0
All We've Got Is Hope
Rain drops make glittery trails down my window,
The world outside so bleak and grey.
Piano at my fingers, I,
Search for a song inside my heart to play.
He hasn't called and I'm,
Feeling more alone than you were, when she broke your heart
The vicious circle we see it as,
Is tearing us apart.
My fingers dance upon the keys,
But hit all the wrong notes.
Your screams of pain die down,
Leaving a burning in your throat.
All we've got is hope,
So don't let go.
All we've got is hope.
:iconimaginationvirtuoso:ImaginationVirtuoso 2 6
I KNOW THIS IS NOT ART. by ImaginationVirtuoso I KNOW THIS IS NOT ART. :iconimaginationvirtuoso:ImaginationVirtuoso 4 70 Dubstep in the Dark by ImaginationVirtuoso Dubstep in the Dark :iconimaginationvirtuoso:ImaginationVirtuoso 1 0 Golden Greens by ImaginationVirtuoso Golden Greens :iconimaginationvirtuoso:ImaginationVirtuoso 2 0 Robin 2 by ImaginationVirtuoso Robin 2 :iconimaginationvirtuoso:ImaginationVirtuoso 6 7
So. This is some of my stuff... Favorite, yeah? o3o


Happy St. Patrick's Day! by mirkwoodprincess123 Happy St. Patrick's Day! :iconmirkwoodprincess123:mirkwoodprincess123 8 0 smile by TheUnknownAssassin smile :icontheunknownassassin:TheUnknownAssassin 18 5 simple by TheUnknownAssassin simple :icontheunknownassassin:TheUnknownAssassin 11 7 King of Silence by GiveEmHellKiddd King of Silence :icongiveemhellkiddd:GiveEmHellKiddd 10 5 Smog by mirkwoodprincess123 Smog :iconmirkwoodprincess123:mirkwoodprincess123 8 0 aquatic by TheUnknownAssassin aquatic :icontheunknownassassin:TheUnknownAssassin 9 6 life by TheUnknownAssassin life :icontheunknownassassin:TheUnknownAssassin 15 1 Poison by TheUnknownAssassin Poison :icontheunknownassassin:TheUnknownAssassin 29 10 Falling by mirkwoodprincess123 Falling :iconmirkwoodprincess123:mirkwoodprincess123 8 1 Valentine by mirkwoodprincess123 Valentine :iconmirkwoodprincess123:mirkwoodprincess123 9 4 Bridge Toll Colour 02 by bubblegumrobot Bridge Toll Colour 02 :iconbubblegumrobot:bubblegumrobot 20 12 Nasty Toxic Bone Thing by bubblegumrobot Nasty Toxic Bone Thing :iconbubblegumrobot:bubblegumrobot 17 10 Clopo by bubblegumrobot Clopo :iconbubblegumrobot:bubblegumrobot 13 7 lonely heart by TheUnknownAssassin lonely heart :icontheunknownassassin:TheUnknownAssassin 29 4
Wow... I like.




Kitt. Not Kitty. Not KitKat. And dear God, not KITTYKAT.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Species: I'm a freaking wizard. Hogwarts acceptance letter n' everythin'.
Gender: Female. Last time I checked.
Interested in: Ze opposite sex... The delicious, fantastic opposite sex! *~*
Occupation: Traveling job, really. Illustrator, designer, painter, etc...
Hobbies: Art, and lots of it. Making people laugh. (I seem to do okay with that. o_O) Singing like a Disney princess, when I'd like to sing like Gerard Way. xO!! Reading and writing, though I have yet to complete a single story.
Hair: Blonde. Getting dirty.
Eyes: Blue, but varying due to circumstance. Sad/Upset: Stormy. Happy: Lapis Lazuli. Concentrating/Creating: Deep blue.
Height: 5'4"
Age: 1,400,000.
Current relationship?: You know it! Love you, boo!!
Quote I tend to live by that gets my ass into a lot of trouble: Don't goodbye it 'til you try it.
Other: Watch me? Pleesh? o3o
  • Listening to: You're a Dancer, Not a Lover- BOTDF
  • Reading: A & P
  • Watching: Honeybee- Steam Powered Girraffe
  • Playing: Glow. Or whatever it's called.
  • Eating: Pork Roast. I made it mehself.
  • Drinking: Strawberry Pineapple Lemon Twist.
So... You guys... v.v There's a problem, here. :| My webcam recently broke... And that was my quick, efficient way of uploading my daily doodles. But a few weeks ago, I went to take a picture... And my computer just... I... I don't even... Computer: "AAAAHAHAHA NOPE. I'ma break and ruin yo days. BETCH."

Ahem. Apparantly my computer isa black valley girl.


So that's kind of why I haven't been posting any doodles lately... :( FUCKIN' PCCCCC!~ -.- So... I... I'll try to... Like... Upload them with my nice Canon... But see... It takes forever for my computer to register the new device, import, download,  file, post, load again, and stay. njkguftyrdcgvhbijk. But I will try.

Because I know you all miss my beautiful my-freakin'-mind-just-vomited-all-over-this-paper-yo doodles.

INTHEMEANTIME to make up for my... Lacking... ;A;

Here's my favorite love song.
Because I love you all.…

That is all~


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Kitt. Kitt. Kitt.
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Believe me. I am trying.
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Text me. And explain WHY YOU FELL OFF OF A WATERFALL?!?!!!
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did you get your package today? My mom sent it last week and it was supposed to get there a couple days ago.
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